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When organising an international event, people are often faced with a dilemma: if we are going to have guests from different countries, how do we make sure that none of them feel like strangers at our celebration, that they can hear the music they know and that the presenter addresses them in a language they understand? Dual-language parties combined with my experience will bring the needed result. We handle international events with guests from different countries and cultures.

Przyjęcia międzynarodowe

DJ for an international wedding ( Wesele Międzynarodowe, Obcy Język, Przyjęcie Weselne ) :

Organising an international wedding can be extremely difficult, especially when it comes to choosing the right musical option. Below you will find a few key aspects to look out for and which I carry out as a DJ as well as an Entertainer for international weddings. Music repertoire – at an international wedding, it is important to have a wide repertoire of music to suit the diverse tastes of invited guests from a particular country and culture. I am also open to suggestions and proposals from the bride and groom. Language – for international weddings, I use English to communicate with guests from different countries. In the case of weddings involving Poles, I also use Polish so that I can communicate freely with the guests and lead the wedding games in an understandable way. Experience – I have already hosted many weddings with guests from abroad, so I can safely say that I have experience in hosting international weddings. You can always ask me questions in English during the meeting and I will be happy to answer them or we can conduct the whole meeting in this way. With a background of experience, I know how to adapt to different cultures and traditions, and how to organise games and competitions that will appeal to guests from different countries. Professionalism – an international wedding is an extra service. This is due to the extra, proper preparation and even more individual approach to your celebration. I enjoy international weddings because of learning about a new culture and expanding my knowledge in this direction. I also love to meet new people and I will enjoy talking in English with your guests ( dj for british weddings, dj for Polish-English weddings, dj for Polish-French weddings, dj for Polish-Italian weddings, dj for Polish-Spanish weddings, dj for Polish-English weddings, dj for Polish-Portuguese weddings, dj for the Polish-German wedding, dj for the Polish-Ukrainian wedding, dj for the Polish-Belarusian wedding, dj for the Polish-Irish wedding, dj for the Polish-Swedish wedding, dj for the Polish-Czech wedding, dj for the Polish-Slovak wedding, dj for the Polish-Brazilian wedding, dj for the Polish-Austrian wedding, dj for a Polish-Australian wedding, dj for a Polish-American wedding, dj for a Polish-Canadian wedding, dj for a Polish-Icelandic wedding, dj for the Polish-Russian wedding and meny more).

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DJ for international events ( Przyjęcia Międzynarodowe ) :

Choosing the right presenter is an extremely important element that influences the success of an international party. My offer is a complex music service for parties and the best conferencing service for your event! I have the language skills to be able to communicate with groups of guests not only in Polish but also in English. The skills of an announcer will significantly increase the level of positive atmosphere and involvement of your guests. Music – is one of the most important elements at any wedding, and in the case of an international wedding, its importance is even greater. It’s special when people with different traditions and musical tastes show up at the same place and time for an event. My job is to blend these differences into one unified whole so that the music played encourages people to enjoy themselves. I am also aware of frequent cultural and religious differences, so I will adapt the music accordingly and maintain respect for different beliefs and traditions. Choose an experienced DJ for an international event – Before every party, I face the challenge of satisfying the different musical and cultural tastes of the guests, as well as providing a comprehensive entertainer. Working with a microphone is not an option for me and I am fluent in English. The experience I have gathered and my skills during numerous parties at international events are very important to ensure a successful event for all participants. The offer presented is the best music service for celebrations with a guarantee of prestige and a comprehensive and professional approach to the client. Interaction with the audience – it might seem that international parties are a big challenge for the presenter. Good preparation combined with fluent English during receptions puts me at ease and boosts my confidence. I connect with the audience every time and create the right mood during toasts, speeches, games or dance animations. I don’t just play music, I get guests into the rhythm, encourage them to dance and interact with other partygoers.

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